Fueled by coffee

Got a chance to finish converting the rest of the site to CoffeeScript. A bit easier now that 90% of the really nasty math was moved closer to the data into our API code.

http://js2coffee.org/ is a great tool for quick conversions, I haven’t had any trouble with it except for the occasional “arguments” variable being sanitized for me when it really didn’t need to, causing a bug. Other than that, very impressed by how nothing really blew up in the process.

Still a bit conflicted about whitespace delimited languages. I appreciate the cleanliness, but with some of the more complex nested operation it leads to a total mess. Coming from a very predictable parentheses-heavy language makes it even worse.

When there’s a bit of downtime I’ll need to check out ClojureScript. It’d be nice to have the same language on both front-end and back-end and Google Closure compiler might turn out to be saner than r.js and its optimized. I like the idea of using their AMD, but I’ve had issues with r.js’s source mapping (supposedly still in experimental stage) when the site is collapsed into one giant payload, which makes debugging minimized code unfeasible sometimes.

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