Hi. I’m Alex. I’m the Co-Founder and CTO of Freckle by Renaissance.

What have I been up to? From 2012 until now we’ve been hard at work helping over 20 million K-12 students get access to quality personalized math and literacy education. At the same time we support their teachers and administrators to meet increasingly higher demands with a increasingly tighter schedule and budgets. In 2019 we were privileged to join forces with the biggest name in US edtech, Renaissance Learning. We’ve been working hard together ever since to create the most high impact pedagogical product suite for K-12 student and teachers. As of today, Freckle is the vanguard in the adaptive math practice category of that mighty suite, with most of its milestones still ahead of it.

My areas of focus are high growth Internet startups, entrepreneurship and SaaS software, specifically from the lens of a technical founder. As a founding CTO, I spent a good chunk of time in almost every area of the business, as its day-to-day needs evolved. That ranged from building the product all by myself, to building the team, managing managers, running engineering, product, IT, sales, doing the CEO role.. you name it.

I’m bullish on remote work and democratizing access to career opportunities despite one’s geography. I’m excited about minimizing one’s commute and footprint on the already heavily taxed environment, while also meeting one’s professional goals. In 2017, after years of building a remote-friendly organization, I made the decision to be a full-time remote co-founder. I haven’t looked back since. Ever since the company has been predominantly remote, with most hires happening far away from the Bay. As fond as I am of both my adoptive SFBA and LA, I believe most of great employee/employer pairings in technology in the future will happen outside of these major hubs.

Oh, and, if you hadn’t noticed from the blog, I like Haskell. Well, anything to do with functional programming, but Haskell gets more clicks in headlines. And it never gets old at cocktail parties, or whatever equivalent we programmers go to. I’m not religious about it, use whatever works best for you, but I do find the paradigm to be a joy to work in and it keeps me interested in the craft. Freckle is, to this day, one the very few companies in the world to use Haskell at scale in production. The company solves real world problems for millions of people with tooling used by only 0.160% of the community. Sadly, I don’t get to write that much backend code these days, but “мастерство не пропьешь” as they say. I’m told my SQL is still pretty competitive, but I’ll let code archeologists from the future decide.

In a past life I worked as a Software Designer at Microsoft, dropped out of graduate school at Carnegie Mellon, as per ancient tradition, and collected many great memories at my undergrad alma mater of UIUC.


I can be reached at alex AT kurilin DOT net .

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