Hi, I’m Alex. I’m the Co-Founder of YCombinator-backed Freckle, a Venture Partner at Amasia, a fractional CTO and in the early stages of a new venture. I reside in San Francisco.

From 2012 until 2021 the team and I helped over 30 million K-12 students get access to quality personalized math and literacy education. In 2019 we joined forces with Renaissance Learning, the biggest name in US EdTech, to deliver an even more comprehensive educational experience to young scholars.

My areas of focus are Internet startups, entrepreneurship and SaaS software from the lens of a technical founder. As a founding CTO, I spent years in almost every area of the business, from building the product by myself, to growing a team, managing managers, wrangling R&D directors and VPs, owning IT, jumping in as interim CEO and many far less glamorous roles.

I can be reached at hello AT kurilin DOT net or at my LinkedIn.