Computer Networks on Coursera

Can’t recommend this course highly enough if you’re a web dev of are doing work beyond one device.

It’s a very bittersweet course, as I continuously run into concepts that make me go:“I really should already know this like the back of my hand”, but oh well, it’s never too late.

David Wetherall is a very pleasant instructor and does a superb job.

I have to say I have a much better understanding of networking internals now and this is a good ramp for diving into meatier material such as

Computer Networks on Coursera



Want to be able to connect to your clojure Ring-based web-app as it’s running and read/edit its code in real time? No problemo.

Add the dependency, and defonce the server somewhere in your handler with a port of your choice. Now you can just ssh into the web app’s box and use your repl of choice (I use Leiningen for simplicity) to play around with things. Really convenient for debugging, since with Clojure you almost never attach a traditional step-through debugger to running applications.

For bonus points you can use cemerick’s Drawbridge to enable logging into your app through the existing HTTP(S) routes. No need to expose additional ports and figure out how to secure that properly (since default nREPL is passwordless, as far as I can tell. That will only work until the first nmap). What’s neat is that you can in fact keep using the same auth mechanisms you already have in place, except this time for administrative REPL access.



List of all regex implementations? – Stack Overflow

I always wondered if it there was something wrong with my memory since I always have to lookup regex syntax between different languages. Turns out this is very much to be expected. Vim, java, JavaScript, ruby, objectivec etc each have their own quirks and idiosyncrasies for the less common switches and keyword and so you’re very likely to need to continuously reference the docs when switching between them. This post has a few great links that try to capture the differences, although even that one isn’t fully complete. As always, RTFM.

This Wikipedia article seems like a pretty good summary of the different systems out there.

List of all regex implementations? – Stack Overflow